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Details for AiiDA plugin "aiida-lammps"

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General information

Current state: development

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Documentation: Documentation not provided by the plugin author

Detailed information

Author(s): Abel Carreras

Short description: AiiDA plugin for LAMMPS

Package name (for pip): aiida-lammps

How to use from python: import aiida_lammps

Most recent version: 0.1.0a1

Summary of the entrypoints

This plugin contains:
Calculations 5 Parsers 4

Available entrypoints

Calculation plugins (aiida.calculations)

  • lammps.combinate
    class aiida_lammps.calculations.lammps.combinate:CombinateCalculation
  • lammps.force
    class aiida_lammps.calculations.lammps.force:ForceCalculation
  • lammps.optimize
    class aiida_lammps.calculations.lammps.optimize:OptimizeCalculation
  • dynaphopy
    class aiida_lammps.calculations.dynaphopy: DynaphopyCalculation

Calculation parsers (aiida.parsers)

  • lammps.force
    class aiida_lammps.parsers.lammps.force:ForceParser
  • lammps.optimize
    class aiida_lammps.parsers.lammps.optimize:OptimizeParser
  • dynaphopy
    class aiida_lammps.parsers.dynaphopy: DynaphopyParser